About - Soufiane Najah l Portrait and Fashion / Moroccan Photographer / Casablanca - Morocco


Soufiane Najah is a Moroccan photographer based in Casablanca, Morocco. His first contact with photography and visual arts started in late 2014 when he bought his first camera to document his journey in India. From the very beginning, he was naturally attracted to people and started shooting street portraits in Mumbai as a way to document the vibrancy and diversity of that city that he loves.

It wasn’t until he acquired his first flash unit and started experimenting with it that he discovered his love for light, which led him to a more complex portraiture genre as he went to shoot fashion and editorial photography for different designers and magazines. His work was featured in international Magazines and specialized Websites including Financial Times, Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Magazine, Madame À Casa and ParentsMaroc. 

However, his passion for portraiture goes beyond fashion photography. He loves photographing people in their natural environment and likes to use both natural and artificial light to enhance the scene while maintaining its organic feel. 

Soufiane has found in photography a way to express his ideas. Just like a painter uses paint to draw, a photographer uses light to shape his images and bring his ideas to life. But in portraiture, more than in any other photography genre, skill and technical abilities are not what always makes a great photograph. It's the photographer's ability to connect with his subjects that allows him to capture an image that resonates. And it's the combination of these two elements—excellent technical skills and exceptionnal ability to connect with the subject— that makes Soufiane's work stand out from the rest.

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